Guide on extra tasks




Extra Level 

  • Extra Levels such as double or triple level home and units are charge as add on extra when choosing the design your own package.

Skirting boards

  • Skirting Boards are included in the maintenance clean package which includes a wipe down. This does not include walls and doors.


Inside Fridge clean

  • A fridge clean involves removing all food from fridge then wiping down each shelf to remove old food residue. The freezer is not included.

Basic oven clean

  • A basic oven clean involves the removal of old food with a oven cleaner and a wipe down of marks and stains internally. Oven trays and oven walls are also cleaned. This does not  include hard stain removal of oven trays and areas  unreachable with cloths externally.

Inside Windows

  • Inside windows includes the cleaning of all internal windows, doors and glass. This does not include external windows or external windows greater than 2 meters or if ladders are needed. (due to insurance reasons)

Extra Room

  • Extra room can be study, sun room or extra room that is not our list of rooms as we only provide prices up to 5 rooms.


Spider web removal

  • Spider web removal includes the removal of spider webs internal only. This does not include external or spider web removal for ceilings higher than 2.4 meters high.